Cat Fostering Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers who can provide care and suitable housing in a safe environment for cats and kittens, in accordance with RSPCA policies and guidelines.  Fostered animals may include pregnant cats who give birth while in foster care and very young kittens.

Fosterers are expected to feed, water and groom cats as appropriate, provide suitable bedding (supplied if required), keep accurate records of expenditure, via receipts and completed expense forms, and record information on the animal’s welfare and behaviour to assist in the rehoming process.

Previous experience of fostering is beneficial and experience of caring for cats is essential. You will need a separate room to keep the cats in and your family must be fully supportive. If you have existing animals we prefer they are neutered, but are happy to discuss on a case by case basis.

If you are interested in this role, you will need to fill in an RSPCA Volunteer Application Form, with details of your relevant experience of caring for cats, and providing two referees for us to contact. For a form, please send an email to

You may be asked to attend an informal interview and, if successful, when you start as a volunteer you will be provided with an induction programme and training.