Your Questions

We receive a number of enquiries via email and facebook, to try and help with these queries we have created the following frequently asked questions.

  • Due to corona virus at present the Cat Hub is closed to the public for appointments to view cats.
  • Where is the cat rehoming hub based? We operate from the Aeolian House Cattery, Darlington Rd, Darlington DL2 1JY.
  • Can I visit the cattery to see the cats? Visits to the cattery are by appointment only. Please contact us first on 07842 434377.
  • What are your opening times? Our coordinator can be contacted between 9am and 5pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Friday and Saturdays.
  • Can you take in cats?  Unfortunately we are unable to help with unwanted or stray cats. All of our cats come in from the RSPCA Inspectorate Officers or RSPCA Branches. The hub has been set up to support these departments and we are unable to take cats from the public.
  • What is the adoption fee? Our fees are £75 for an adult cat and £95 for a kitten. All of our cats come neutered, with standard vaccinations, microchipped and treated for fleas and worms.
  • What is the adoption process?  If you are interested in a cat an appointment to view the cat must be made. Once you have visited the cat we can reserve the cat selected. A home check and relevant housing checks must be completed before the cat can be released. This includes permission from a landlord if the property is rented. Once these checks have been passed then an adoption date is arranged. We aim to have the cat rehomed within one week from viewing.
  • What’s involved in a home check? The purpose of a homecheck is to ensure the living conditions are suitable for a cat. We will assess the space available in your home and advise on how any possible hazards can be avoided. The homecheck also gives you time to ask any further question that you may thought about since your viewing.
  • Are you allowed a cat if you have a dog or other pets? Yes of course! We would only rehome a cat to you that we knew had previously lived with a cat or a dog, or have been introduced to one successfully whilst being in the hub.
  • Are you allowed a cat if you have children? Yes. We would recommend cats to you on a viewing that we know have previously lived with children, and are happy to be around them. Each cat is assessed to decide what aged child they would be suitable to live with.
  • Is there an age restriction on adopters? The minimum age you must be to adopt is 18 years old. There is no upper age limit for adoption.
  • Are the cats healthy? Our cats are vet checked on arrival, and on subsequent visits for routine treatment (i.e neutering, vaccinations) to ensure their health and wellbeing. Any medical issues will be highlighted on a viewing of our cats, and any further treatment discussed.
  • Do you offer insurance? Unfortunately not, but we do highly recommend taking out insurance for a new pet. For advice on insurance you can speak with your vet.
  • On adoption day, how do I transport the cat home? You must provide an adequate carrier for the cat. We are not on a direct public transport route so any cat would need to via the adopters vehicle or a taxi service (this must be arranged by the adopter).

If you have anymore questions please feel free to contact us.