Fostering Stories: My Journey Begins

I have been lucky enough to become a fosterer for the RSPCA. I have mostly cared for Kittens and Dogs and once I had some puppies. This is such a rewarding hobby as not only do these animals need a loving and supportive home which I try to give them, they help me too. I struggle with periods of low mood and been able to care for these animals is fantastic therapy and is so rewarding and brings me such joy. To see the change in adult animals from anxious and nervous when they arrive to playful and confident when they leave, and seeing baby animals grow safely and correctly and see them develop into friendly pets. To know that I have had a part in their lives and have helped them on their way to a better life is a very worthwhile accomplishment. They may forget me but I will never forget them.  

They may forget me but I will never forget them.  

The First Kittens I Looked After
I received 5,  3 week old kittens, Fluff, Spot, Spike, Gimpy and Lucy.  I think this is one of the greatest things to have happened to me. These fluffy bundles of joy were not mistreated or abandoned, unfortunately their mother died and their owners could not look after them. They needed 4 hourly bottle feeds. Unfortunately for me, once you have fed 5 kittens they all fall asleep on your knee, making you immobile with cuteness for the next few hours, by which time it is time to feed them again and so the cycle continues. I did not get a lot done with my life during this first batch. I raised these kittens, wiped their bottoms to encourage them to use the loo, litter trained them, weaned them. I was there for their first pounce and sly attack, taught them to climb when they were too nervous to leave the floor and caught them when they fell off their climbing frame and watched as they learned from each other and grew into 8 week old little cats who loved a cuddle.

Giving these Kittens up to their new homes was so hard but my RSPCA Inspector said he needed me as a foster more than an adopter and he would guarantee me a box of kittens a month if I wanted them. So started my new favourite hobby.