WHO CAN ADOPT A RESCUE CAT? – Four Common Myths Debunked

If you’ve not adopted a pet from us before, you may not know what to expect!  Maybe you’ve heard that you can’t rehome a cat without a garden, or if you live near a main road… We’ve heard them all and the truth is – we don’t have any fixed rules or a blanket rehoming policy.

While in some circumstances, a cat may not be right for a particular home or owner’s lifestyle, it’s not often the case and the only way to know for sure is to reach out! We want to pair up each cat with their perfect family and there’s no special formula for that. Therefore, every match is made on a case by case basis.

Plus, just because the first cat might not be a match, it doesn’t mean that the next one won’t be! Our primary concern will always be whether the adopter will meet the welfare needs of the cat. If you believe you can do so, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Make an appointment to come and see us, you might be surprised by which cat you match with!

Still unsure if you could adopt? Here are some of our most commonly heard myths – busted by our dedicated rehoming team…

1. “I would like a cat – but I live near a main road.”

If someone lives on a main road in a busy, built-up area, they might not be suited to a cat that’s likely to roam and explore. However, rehoming a cat who would stay indoors or who is not likely to venture far from the garden could be a perfect match! An owner can also help by not letting the cat out at night, making sure that they’re neutered and by starting to let them out gradually, using treats to encourage them to stay away from main roads.

2. “I already have multiple pets.”

This would be dependent on the space available and the ability of the owner to manage and ensure that all pets remain happy and stress-free. For example, by ensuring that each animal has his/her own safe, quiet space. Every case is different, and some pets may prefer to be the only pet in the household while others may like company!

There’s no sure way of telling how animals will react to each other in the home, but we will offer support and advice to help adopters work their way through any problems that may arise.

3. “I’m over the age of 75/80.”

There are many cases where cats can be perfectly suited to more senior adopters. Each individual’s unique circumstance, ability and support network will be considered fully. We get a lot of older cats in our care who often struggle to find a loving home. An elderly individual could be their perfect match!

4. “Our household has a child under the age of five.”

Cats who have been adequately socialised with children may be fine with a young, excitable and impulsive (supervised) child. While other cats who are more nervous and less socialised to children may benefit from an older or calmer child.

If you are interested in adopting one of our cats, please take a look at the Our Cats page and then get in touch to arrange an appointment.