Willow was rescued by the RSPCA and gave birth to four beautiful kittens who have now been rehomed. As her name suggests, Willow is a very slim, willowy tortoiseshell girl. She likes to sit in the window and look out, so would love a good window seat to sit on or take a nap in the sunshine.  She would probably like a safe garden or catio and a cat tree as she likes to sleep in high places.

Willow likes humans more than other cats so would probably be best as the only cat in the house.  However, she is currently in foster care and lives with other cats, but she doesn’t like to be too close to them. She would probably be better in a household with older children who know how to respect a cat, as she does not like to be picked up for too long, or have too much petting. If you would like to apply to adopt Willow please follow our rehoming process.